University mission

The mission of the Karaganda University of Kazpotrebsoyuz is the implementation of educational and scientific activities as the basis for the professional and personal growth of competitive specialists for the sustainable development of the region.



Karaganda Economic University was founded in 1966 as the Karaganda Cooperative Institute of Centrosoyuz and in 1997 after passing the state accreditation institution was renamed and received university status. In 2016, the university will be 50 years old.
As one of the leading universities in Kazakhstan, KEU is working with the global environmental changes. The University is committed to offer modern and advanced educational program, to respond to external challenges timely and to lead changes that support the sustainable development of society.
The main objective of the University is to provide high quality training to the needs of the dynamic development of economy and society.
KEU is among the three leading humanitarian and economic universities of the country. University graduates are educated to become universal specialists who have high intellectual abilities that will allow them to be leaders of society, able to promote the social, cultural, economic and environmental interests of society.
The University is part of several international associations: International Association of Universities, Magna Charta Universitatum, Association of Educational Institutions Educational Network (EdNet), the Council of the CIS cooperative universities, Law universities Association, the Association of Eurasian Economic Universities. In 2006 in Bologna (Italy) University signed the Magna Charta of European Universities.
Today the university has 70 existing cooperation agreements with leading universities in 18 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, South Korea, Turkey, China and Malaysia.
As part of the University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization are realized 2 concerted educational master's programs of double-diploma education specialties "Economics" and IT-direction.
The university has created and successfully operate the basic elements of research and innovation infrastructure of the University, which includes 2 Research Institutes (SRI of new economy and system analysis and SRI of economics and legal studies), 2 scientific offices (Office of business and technology incubator and the Office of commercialization and technology transfer), the main objective of which is aimed at creating favorable conditions for the implementation of scientific and innovative projects of students, undergraduates, doctoral students and the PPS of the university.


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