Karaganda economic university was formed almost half a century ago and was well known and respected throughout the former Soviet Union. Among people our University used to have a well-deserved reputation of the best university in preparing skilled specialists for the Soviet consumer cooperatives, so people affectionately called him "Koper". Moreover KEUK trained qualified personnel not only for Kazakhstan, but also for the countries of Central Asia and Russia. A new stage in the life of the university began with Kazakhstan's independence. The sovereignty of our country opened endless possibilities for a good development. The basis was taken from the experiences of leading, most prestigious private universities in the world - Oxford, the Sorbonne and Harvard. In a short time stuff headed by rector of the university doctor, professor Erkara Aimagambetov managed the most important thing - to create a team of confederate professionals and a strong material-technical base, as experts mention, in the level of international standards.

Our days. Today, according to the latest researches, KEUK is among the three leading humanitarian and economic universities of the country. In Central Kazakhstan it is first specialized economic university, which prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and law in 21 specialties. Our graduates are in demand in a various fields of a rapidly developing economy of Kazakhstan. Because, the main mission of the Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz is "Education for growth and personal development!". The main defining feature of KEUK today is its innovative activity and outrunning character development of educational technologies. In this continuous process actively participate the scientists of the University. Today there are more than 350 teachers, more than half have different degrees. Only during the past academic year nine thirty-nine teachers have been trained in the most prestigious universities in the world.


Today in the university is implemented the scientific and innovative mega project "Electronic university". It will increase the competitiveness of the university in the context of globalization and helps successfully integrate into the world educational space. KEUK experts have already started the final phase of creating a single informational space and efficient communicational infrastructure.

International activity.

In recent years, KEUK pays special attention to the development of international cooperation. KEUK became one of the few universities of Kazakhstan which signed the Magna Charta of European Universities. The mutual cooperation with more than 50 universities from 14 countries is established. According to various international programs the best university students do lots of internships abroad.

University policy today

- continuous work on supporting and improving the image of the university both on the part of consumers of educational service, as well as corporate world and the state;

- continuous increase of all university processes according to requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008;

- implementation of innovations including innovative educational technologies;

- forming high informational and communicational culture;

- the study of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.




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