6B06103 "IT Analytics "

Target of EP

Qualitative training of IT analysts for the evaluation and monitoring of complex organizational, technical and software tools, economic problems of an interdisciplinary nature, using general principles, approaches and methods of systems analysis in functional areas for the development and implementation of modern information systems and technologies.

Distinctive features of ЕP

This educational program is closely related to business processes and business modeling, based on system analysis and software development methodology.

To solve multi-aspect tasks (system analysts), specializing in the description of organizational activities for the formation of information flows (business analyst, methodology) and highly qualified technical specialists who are able to set the task to design and production teams on different IT platforms.

List of specialist positions: Bachelors of specialty 6B06103 "IT Analytics" can perform the following professional activities:

- conduct analysis of existing software tools in specific functional areas;

- - monitor modern software and hardware devices and systems;

- develop design recommendations;

- to carry out Analytics of production and technological processes.

Awarded degree: bachelor of business and management, specialty 6B06103 "IT Analytics"

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