Student groups and associations


The Student Parliament, as a single body of student self-government, is a special form of initiative, independent social activity of students aimed at solving important issues of student life, developing social activity and supporting useful initiatives of student youth.

Goals and objectives of the Student Parliament:

  • implementation of youth policy and development of measures for its full implementation;
  • establishing student feedback with the faculty and administration of the university;
  • formation of corporate culture of university students;
  • assistance in the implementation of socially significant youth initiatives;
  • direct participation in the organization of cultural leisure of students, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, participation in youth educational forums, competitions, socially significant projects, various student associations;
  • coordination of the activities of public organizations of the university on the implementation of youth policy, on the timely solution of youth problems;
  • carrying out activities on anti-corruption education and implementation of the principles of academic integrity.


If you can't live without dancing or have always dreamed of starting dancing, then this is where you are! You are waiting for intensive training, bright performances, the basis of the repertoire of which includes the performance of dances from different peoples of the world, as well as performances at major university events, participation in a wide variety of competitions!

The choreographic ensemble "Zhaina" has been proving its leadership at dance festivals (competitions) of various scales for more than 20 years: 9-time winners of the Grand Prix of International competitions in Belarus, Russia, Egypt, Kazakhstan.

Head: Smagulova Aziza Oralkhanovna

Contact phone number: +7 702 245 4245

Address: Karaganda, Akademicheskaya str. 9, office 322


VS «Melody» is a community of creative people who are in love with music and are ready to share this love with the world. The doors of the vocal studio are always open to musicians of any kind, including both instrumentalists and vocalists.

If you are already an experienced performer or are just getting ready to start your career - the organizers are looking forward to meeting you at the auditions, which traditionally take place in September! And those who prefer to be in the auditorium, we are happy to invite to all university events!

Head: Shalkymaev Asset Zhetiruovich

Contact phone number: +7 701 520 7874

Address: Karaganda, Akademicheskaya str. 9, Palace of culture of students


Welcome to the world of fashion! The main idea of the Fashion Theater is fashion and art. The Fashion Theater was formed in 2000.

In the Fashion Theater, not only exclusive collections of outfits were created, united by the main theme, but also students studied fashion shows, photo posing, shooting in videos.

The Fashion Theater is the winner in the 2020-21st academic year in Republican and International online festivals and competitions:

TURKEY "Show Mir house of the Sun" - GRAND PRIX.

CZECHOSLOVAKIA - "Krasa Praha! Zlata Praha! - GRAND PRIX.

GREECE "Golden Fleece Cup " - winners of the 1st degree.

Over the years of creative work, collections of various themes have been made: "Seasons", "Mermaids", "Charming East", "Sea", "Angel of my Dreams", "Fairy Tale", "Oriental Cocktail", "Fairy Tales of Scheherazade", "Lady of Rain", "Indian Princess", "Breath of the East", "Flower Mix", "Spring".

Head: Angelova Angelika Anatolyevna

Contact phone number: +7 775 146 5093

Address: Karaganda, Akademicheskaya str. 9, office 263a


The ensemble of folk instruments «Nazkonyr»  is a musical collective that mainly performs Kazakh folk music using Kazakh musical instruments for this purpose. The ensemble is attended by students who have an elementary musical education in playing folk instruments: dombra, kobyz, bayan, etc., as well as without musical education, but who know how to play dombra, have excellent voices.

The leaders of the collective are professional musicians with a huge creative experience - artists of the Academic Orchestra of Kazakh Folk Instruments named after. Tattimbeta.

Heads: Iztileuov Salim Auezkhanuly, Boranbayev Sapargali Zharylkasynovich

Contact phone number: +7 701 752 7976, +7 700 135 4164

Address: Karaganda, Akademicheskaya str. 9, Palace of culture of students


The Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – ASK) is a youth organization, defender of the rights and interests of students.

The main purpose of the activity of the ASK is the formation of public awareness as an organization that really solves the legal, socio-economic and everyday problems of student youth and actively participates in the formation of independent Kazakhstan.


The youth wing of «Jas Otan» shares and supports the ideas of the «Nur Otan» party. The stated mission of the organization is to support and represent the interests of every young Kazakhstani patriot interested in getting a quality education, striving for self—realization, aware of responsibility for their future and the future of the country, the goal is to create a strong and authoritative political youth organization capable of leading young people.


Debate clubs are a voluntary association of students engaged in the development of tolerance, public speaking skills, logic, critical thinking and leadership qualities of young people. The university has debate clubs "Birlik" (Kazakh league) and "Ulagat" (Russian league).

Weekly master classes and trainings on parliamentary debates (APF, FPF, LD) in russian and kazakh, useful skills and mind games are waiting for you in the clubs.

And that's not all! Join a friendly team of debaters, and you will learn not only to express your thoughts competently, but also to adequately defend the honor of the university at international, republican, regional debate tournaments!


The student community "Sanaly urpaq" was created in order to implement the main directions of the Project Office. The mission of the Project "Sanaly urpaq" for 2018-2020: patriotic and competitive youth, aiming to live in Kazakhstan, free from corruption, the goal of the Project is to eradicate corruption in the education system, the formation of an environment of universal rejection of corruption through the education system.


The «Bonum» Volunteer Center is a large team of volunteers, in which students contribute to the fact that there are more good deeds. Volunteers provide gratuitous assistance to people and society in need of it, charity, sports, and environmental events have been held.

Students are volunteers of the university, thanks to their activities, sow the seeds of kindness and mercy, give joy to hearts, are not indifferent to the social problems of citizens, help them.

We develop a lot of partner projects, talk about charity and volunteering and offer cool volunteer opportunities at events of city and regional scale. Join us!


SSS is a voluntary association of undergraduate and graduate students engaged in research activities.

SSS is engaged in promoting the development and popularization of science among university students: conducts open discussions, conferences, lectures and seminars, leads an active scientific life. The participants of the SSS interact with the teaching staff on scientific and educational events, organize research seminars and cooperate with external student organizations to develop scientific activities not only within the university.


The activities of the sports sections are aimed at the development of mass student sports and the popularization of sports life. The university hosts large-scale sports events "Spartakiad", tournaments in individual sports and much more.

Sports sections represent our university not only as an educational platform, but also as a platform for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and involving young people in the sports field.

The University has the following sports sections: "Basketball", "Football", "Volleyball", "Checkers", "Togyzkumalak" and "Table tennis", organized at the Department of "Physical Culture and Sports Management".

The creative club "Muse" is an opportunity and reality to transform your ideas and talents into reality. With us you can expand your creative abilities, realize your creative ideas, improve your professional skills, realize your potential in a favorite business, meet many new friends and get a lot of positive emotions. Coordinators: Baltabaeva N.K., Shultz E.I., Kryvets Liana, P-23. (77088 347 842)

The debate club "Brain KEBP" is the development of your logical and critical thinking. We will help you to develop soft skills and declamatory skills. A debate club is a good preparation for making independent decisions. It is a way of becoming a person as a future leader of society.

Coordinators: Brintsklein Ristar P-32 (77473993327), Aitkaliyeva B.R., Zeinetullina M.A.

Volunteer Club "Do Good" is a club of like-minded people united by the desire to help and make this world kinder. If you are not indifferent to the problems of others, if you are ready to provide any help you can, if you are not indifferent to the difficulties of strangers, you have a big and kind heart. So you are one of us. We take part in socially significant companies, we hold public events. Coordinators: Tokmagambetova A.A., Huez Zh.K., Nalgieva Amina Tech 21 (77 020 587 001)

The #kebpkeuk bloggers club is a new and rather popular direction of the youth movement. This project is for youth and about youth. If you adore photography, if you know how to do it, or if you want to learn how to shoot and photograph perfectly, as well as leading  an active life in social networks, talking about the successes and achievements of your classmates, then you should come to us.

Coordinators: Aesheva A.K., Shakhzadina A.Sh., Lysenko Valeria MK-21 (77 085 192 956)

Young Entrepreneur Club "PROGRESS" is participation in the development and implementation of business projects; it is the ability to work in a team. We meet with representatives of various organizations and take part in “START up” contests, we learn to manage and create. Any interesting ideas ?! Come and share with us!

Coordinators: Komarzina N.B., Tokmagambetgova A.A., Brintsklein Ristar P-32 (77473993327)

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

Student groups and associations

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