Material and technical base of KEUK

KEUK was founded in 1966, the new academic building was rebuilt and put into operation in 1980. Currently, the university has a modern educational complex with an area of ​​287364, 4 m2 including the main educational building is 16897.6 m2, the gym is 2659.7 m2, the library is 2339.9 m2, the catering department is 3209.5 m2, the DKS is 1829.5 m2, block B is 1800.2 m2.

There are 3 dormitories at the university: dormitory No. 1 with a total area of ​​3,704.9 m2; address Akademicheskaya St., 5. Dormitory No. 2 combined with classrooms with a total area of ​​4,043.3 m2; address Akademicheskaya St. 7. m2 street address Komissarova, 32.

There is a sports and recreation camp "Cooperator" with an area of ​​3.1649 hectares of land for 100 places in Karkaraly. The camp has a 2-storey hostel with 50 beds and 9 cottages with an area of ​​66 m2 each.

In the summer season, there is a dining room equipped with fully technological equipment. In order to contain the indicated material infrastructure in KEUK from the day the university was opened, in the 60s of the still cooperative institute, a unit of AHC was created and is successfully functioning. It provides educational services.

The administrative and economic part as a unit is the executor of the management and quality system within the university. AHCH has a map of the Infrastructure Management process with procurement elements and is guided by this card and the MI of the specified process in practical activities.

AHC employs 107 people. All work on the profile. 6 people have higher education, 1– professor, Ph.D., 1 – special secondary. Workers of the brigade and cleaning woman have a secondary education.

The material and technical base of KEUK used to organize the learning process is sufficient and meets the requirements of the educational program of the university.

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