Digital Technology Service (Computer Center)

The end of the 90s - the time of successful technology development of computer networks and the global network Internet in Kazakhstan. It was then, in 1998, was built a laboratory "of new technologies and distance learning" (Order №352-OK from 11/14/98), which largely determined the direction of the laboratory. Its purpose was to create a uniform policy in the field of information and all aspects of the activities of the University, as well as the creation of a common informational space. It was assumed that the laboratory specialists will determine the direction of the base of computers, operating systems and application software, testing it, given the trends in the development of technology and software.

The first draft of the laboratory - the creation of Internet-center. Existing computers (50 pieces) of the University were united in a local network. Successful implementation of the project provided an opportunity to make plans for the construction of the university computer network and provide external links to global networks.

By 2000, the network was built with a dedicated server to run in the direction of distance learning. External communication channel dedicated line was 128Kbit/s. Starting this year, before the laboratory staff was faced with new problems of its content and optimizing hardware and software systems. This has changed the priorities in the activities of the laboratory, whose main purpose was the creation of a network such as the Intranet and the development of distance learning technologies.

Development of the laboratory led to an increase of staff and the reorganization in 2005 to the "Computer Center".

ЖОThe most relevant for the university project is developing a network of university. University network is constantly evolving and growing. This increases the number of terminal classes, communications, and regular updating of existing equipment, and the growth of internal information resources. Modern development of mobile devices allows you to deploy a computer center projects in the field of wireless equipment.

A special niche in the structure of the laboratory activity takes project site of KEU - Information presented here is thematically structured.


Grigorenko Yevgeniy


Cab. - 405. - 132


Yakusevich Felix

System engineer.

Каб. - 333


Arshkenov Bekbolat

System engineer.

Каб. - 415


Kasimov Miroslav

System engineer.

Каб. - 114


Razdobreev Vladislav

System engineer.

Каб. - 302Б


Mustafin Jaslan

System engineer.

Каб. - 111


Ratitckiy Yevgeniy

Engineer of electronic access system


Svakhin Alexander

Tech of electronic access system

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